Tuesday, January 26, 2010

REVIEW: MudPuppy.com

A few of my daughters favorite things? Ballerina’s, stickers and the color pink (she gets this honestly). So it was no surprise when she picked these two (2) items sent to us, for review, from MudPuppy.com who are taking part in the 2010 Birthday Gift Guide: For Children
The first one is a the Fun and Dance Sticker Set Play Scene and the other was Dreams, Thoughts and Secrets Diary complete with it’s own lock & key.

Dreams, Thoughts & Secrets Diary

With her just learning how to write I had to explain what a diary was to make certain this is what she wanted. She was very persistent in her desire to have it as she said, “But it has a key, it’s pink and it has dancers” as if that should have immediately sealed the deal.

Since it was her idea, I let her go with it and the moment it came in the mail she has not parted ways with it. In fact, she carries it around in her personalized lunchbox. I had to wonder if this was any idea of what I should expect from her when she was a teenager, but since she is turning five (5) years old I figured I should let things be as they are.

She has since drawn quite a few pictures and “written” a letter to her once favorite bus driver, for pre-school, Miss Mel. According to Alexis she told Miss Mel how much she misses seeing & talking to her; it touched my heart as Miss Mel was always so kind to her.

Now I can tell Alexis that her first diary entry was a letter she wrote to her favorite pre-school bus driver. And trust in the fact that this will become an item that will go in Alexis’ memory box for her to refer to someday.

Until then, I have every intention of buying her, her first keychain to keep her key on. This really seems to be important to her. And it gives this Mommy an opportunity to teach her about responsibility. Don’t worry though, I have a back-up key in safe keeping. Thank goodness there were two keys that came with it. A little more specific information in regard to what the diary entails:


  • Colored padlock with 2 keys

  • 192 lined pages

  • 4 x 5-3/4″

  • For ages 4+

  • Fun & Dance Sticker Set Play Scene

    Fill up the practice space with dancers. Ballet, modern, or jazz–you decide. Illustrations by John & Wendy. With over 50 vinyl stickers to choose from, this play scene is not only portable fun for children, it’s educational too!

  • Sticker board with handle, closed, measures 9 x 12″

  • 50 reusable stickers

  • Ages 3+

  • I have to be honest, as usual, and just bring up that I really didn’t think this particular sticker play scene would keep her all that interested after one-time-play.

    However, it’s been the source for hours of play time and she seems to really want to care for the stickers  (she had me put them in a plastic storage bag for sake-keeping).

    It has allowed her to create play scenes and tell me a story that goes along with it thus truly allowing her to utilize her imagination; and what an imagination she has! She has named each of the dancers and whose best friends with who already.

    Disclosure: Per the FTC regulations and guidelines it is my duty to disclose that I did receive a product, for free, so a review could be completed. Receiving a product for free does not alter my opinion as stated here on Unconditional Mom.


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