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REVIEW: Dyson DC25 All Floors

I am 36 years old. I have been living on my own since I was 19. In those 17 years I have managed to go through over 10 vacuum cleaners. I don’t know what it is… I just could never find a vacuum that could stand up to what I put it through.

Then I added the kiddo; my little mini-me. After going out and spending almost $300 on a vacuum (I’ll leave the name out of it); it broke on me 3 months later. Yes, 3 months. Next came the long haired white cat named Gabriel. Oddly I’ve been using a regular, bagged vacuum cleaner, for the last few months and it has been sufficing. Albeit, it was just enough to let my floors look decent and that was about it. I never felt that it was getting clean… picking up dirt under the surface of the carpet.

I have always wondered why a company couldn’t make a reliable, well thought-out & functioning vacuum, that could withstand the run-of-the-mill household. Those of us who have children; pets, blue collar workers who come home dragging in dirt from their work sites, etc. Is it really that difficult?

Sure, it is. If you want to spend up to $3000.00 to get one. Honestly, times are tough enough as it is… I don’t know about you, but the last thing I’m going to invest up to $3000.00 in is a vacuum. I had the opportunity, years ago, to review a name unmentioned vacuum that did the trick; it really got the house clean. But it was so expensive that I would have been paying on it for years and the one thing I truly didn’t like about it was the fact that it would mix in with water and leave me a big mess to clean up after I was done… cleaning. Who came up with that concept? Too boot, it was a complicated pain to work with, with all of the huge gadgets to attach, leaving me with no desire and major physical work-out to actually use it.  I sent it back and had no regrets about doing so.

I have heard a lot about Dyson. I’ve actually never had the opportunity to use one or be near one. However, that recently changed. Dyson sent me their DC25 All Floors and for lack of better words I will leave you with what I told their company representative via e-mail just yesterday, “OMG this thing is freaking AMAZING!” You’ll have to pardon my lack of verbage, but quite frankly I was still trying to come down from the ‘someone finally gets it‘ high that I had achieved in the time I spent using it.

 Dyson has engineered this vacuum with more thought in all of the years that vacuum’s have been in existence - combined. It’s genius! Allow me to preface this just a little bit and simply say I put it together using no directions; so easy! While I was putting it together (no tools required!), I was in awe by the sheer fact that someone took the time to really think the design through; from top to bottom - there was nothing left to be desired if someone would have asked me what I wanted in a vacuum myself.

It reminded me of those Windows 7 commercials where people are claiming to be the inventor of their product…

With what the Dyson DC25 All Floors can do I expected it to be a huge, and possibly heavy & complex vacuum to operate. It’s so easy to maneuver that my four-year-old was vacuuming within seconds…and had fun doing it! (BTW, that’s an additional bonus to this entire thing). Let me give you some basics of the Dyson DC25 All Floors:

1. Weighs only 16lbs.
2. Single-action wand with instant 16 foot reach for stair and high-reach cleaning.
3. Patented Cyclone technology that doesn’t lose suction power as you vacuum.
4. Rides effortlessly on an ultra-lightweight ball and turns on a dime.
5. Air expelled from a Dyson has up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the air we breathe.
6. Washable lifetime HEPA filter designed to trap microscopic allergens such as pollen and bacteria. No bags, belts or filters to buy.
7. One touch hygienic and quick-to- empty bin; just press the button at the top of the cyclone and dust empties from the bottom.
8. Five-year warranty for parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson.

Now on to my opinion and the purpose behind it:
As mentioned it was so easy to put together; having to use no tools and little brain power was extremely nice. The single-action wand? Impressive! It stows away inside the handle so it’s not in your way while you’re vacuuming. However, when you’re ready to use it - you simply flip the top, slide it out, and you’re ready to go. It reached up to my ceiling and ceiling fan with absolute ease. Truth be told, my ceiling fan looks like new.

Even the dust that I thought might not come off without a little assistance from a wet rag of some kind was sucked off the blades with absolute ease. I could hear it make a ‘whoosh’ sound as the dust was inhaled into the cyclone container. I even vacuumed my walls. I was on a roll - don’t fault me.Next I tackled the back of my couch where my long haired cat, Gabriel, likes to hang out. One swipe down the back of it and viola! - cat hair gone. No vacuuming over and over again to achieve a satisfactory result. Of course, I then wanted to vacuum the floors, both carpet and tile, to see what magic the Dyson DC25 All Floors would do… my chin was to the floor. And what a clean floor to rest it upon!

I honestly thought it may suck the carpet right off of the floor - I could feel it working. With the canister collecting all of the dust, allergens, etc. I could see it working.

You can not tell that a four-year-old child and long haired cat live here. The DC25 All Floors kept up and didn’t miss a beat…or speck of dust; or cat hair, etc. Everything looked as if I had spent hours vacuuming and I hadn’t; it was a grand total of 15 minutes. I was able to get to things that I normally wouldn’t have been able to due to the ball that it moves around on. Just a flick of my wrist and I was easily maneuvering it effortlessly.

When I was finished, I simply unsnapped the canister out of place, took it to the trash can, pushed the button and all of the stuff my prior vacuum didn’t get it was sliding it’s way into the trash can. I snapped the lid back on, popped the canister back on to the vacuum and I was done! If only you all could have seen the look of sheer satisfaction on my face…

I have confessed my undying love for an inanimate object on my Facebook as of yesterday.

Let me be quite frank with all of you… I am not a fan of vacuum’s. In fact, I giggle at those who claim ‘there’s is the next best thing since sliced bread’ from all of my bad experiences with them, but Dyson proved me wrong. They showed me it is possible to have a vacuum that does what we need it to do without having an empty checking account or complex, messy and never-ending wrestling match with attachments.

Now I'm breathing much easier.

 Listen, I know you read reviews from people all of the time, particularly here at Unconditional Mom. And albeit this is the only vacuum review I have completed on-line I just want you all to know that the DC25 All Floors by Dyson is really that good. I don’t get impressed by vacuums and any one who knows me well can contest to that fact. Now I am truly very impressed!

Disclaimer: Per the guidelines of the FTC I must let all of you know that I did receive a Dsyson DC25 All Floors, from Dyson, for review purposes.


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