Tuesday, January 26, 2010

REVIEW: FaBOWlous.com


Alexis has been taking dance lessons for two years now; ballet, tap and jazz. In this time, I’ve run across a lot of tutu’s. There is something about a tutu that just takes that already cute quality that our daughters have and multiplies it by ten.

Yet, there are those select few that are everything you visualize when someone mentions the word tutu. Fabowlous.com figured out precisely what it takes to make that extra-special tutu that would make any person smile at the cute-factor it presents.

These are absolutely stunning; there is no other word!

The Fabowlous.com tutu’s are not just made for those tiny dancer’s though. Any child can wear them and do so in fabulous style. You can put them over a pair of jeans or leggings and have the fashionista in your child shine through.

A well-made and quality tutu is difficult to find without paying a pretty penny for them - and believe me… I can say that from personal experience. I, personally, find their tutu’s being a great price and honestly intend to purchase more as time goes on. Alexis didn’t take her’s off without some serious coaxing on my part; she was dancing around for hours putting on pretend shows for the world to see.

I love the concept of keeping it as a keepsake. Fabowlous.com sends these tutu’s in a tube so your daughter can save them for their own daughter later on. If they want to wear it, in the meantime, you simply take it out and give it a good shake to poof it up. Fabowlous.com recommends putting it in the dryer for 5-10 minutes to do this, but I didn’t and it poofed up really well. See pictures below:


Each tutu is currently shipped free of charge and with a free matching hair clip. I have a funny feeling this tutu will be the selected outfit in a near future photo session. How can I resist? I want to capture this for a lifetime


Alexis & I also had a chance to review Fabowlous.com new line of interchangeable headbands. These are so creative and stylish. It’s a headband that you can either wear alone or with a flower clip. You can make any combination from the selection that they have available on their website.

They add such a perfect accessory to any girls outfit who loves to dress casually or dress-up in their Sunday best. Not only was I an instant fan, but Alexis couldn’t wait to put it on. Again I had to coax her out of it, but that didn’t last long… she had it back on her head within a matter of minutes.

If you’re wondering if they are easily interchangeable the answer is an astounding… yes! It’s a simple, yet sturdy, clip that you can put on and take off with absolute ease. The flower clips can even go into your daughters hair, without the headband, and they stay put. Alexis has straight, fine hair (as you can see in the picture to your left, and the flower clip stayed in with no problems. None of that, “Come here honey let me fix your clip” stuff again; whew!

We even got a little creative and added an additional flower clip to the headband to see what it would look like with two. Here is the result:

Now if you’re curious if the flowers are a fake and cheap brand - don’t concern yourself with that. They obviously don’t have the feel of a real flower, but they are soft and look realistic which makes them all the more adorable. I truly love this and do plan on getting more flower clips so Alexis can continue to accessorize her outfits. My miniature fashionista wouldn’t have it any other way.

Disclosure: Per the FTC regulations and guidelines it is my duty to disclose that I did receive a product, for free, so a review could be completed. Receiving a product for free does not alter my opinion as stated here on Unconditional Mom. 


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